”Say what, you’re crazy!” I heard when I first told about my very big and somewhat unrealistic mission to meet Will Smith when I heard he was coming to Finland to speak at the Nordic Business Forum this fall. “Why on earth would he be interested in hearing about your company as most people don’t even know about it yet”? A very good question, I thought to myself. BUT I truly believe that our service has something that he as an artist would understand and appreciate.


When we bring arts into busy business life we see how much joy, happiness and wellbeing they give to people. I felt that perhaps he might even give us a few minutes to hear what we are doing. That is if only we could get our message to him. I am quite a persistent person who dreams big and no matter how unrealistic my visions and dreams are, I tend to stick to them. That’s what keeps me going and hey let’s face it, what harm can it do to dream a little?


I encourage people to do that more often, to think that anything is possible. At the very least it will make you smile and I tell you that smiling is very much needed in this crazy world of ours. It makes you FEEL good!



The man himself


There’s been a lot of talk about the Nordic Business Forum but I wanted to share my thoughts on the talk that I was looking forward to the most, a discussion with Will Smith. The impression I got was that he truly seemed like a really nice and a genuine person.


But what surprised me was that I felt like we would have easily found common ground from within our daily lives! As a mother of little twin girls and a 5 year old, I agreed with many of the matters he told us. Especially this circle of safety put a smile on my face.


Also I have to point out that one of my favorite movies has always been The Pursuit of Happyness, for the very same reasons he mentioned. It is a great movie about life and the things that matter the most. If you haven’t seen it yet, go and watch it now!



Don’t be afraid of making mistakes


When talking about mistakes, I tend to be very hard on myself. It has taken me a long time to learn to deal with failures and to see that usually they tend to lead us to even better things and new directions. You just don’t see it at the time when the worst is on.


Will was also telling us how the greatest things can come out of big mistakes. What I really liked was when he was telling the story where this was put in a funny perspective. He told that sometimes when you are baking a cake, it turns into a pudding. Have to remember that the next time!



Something new to do


When Will was telling that he is looking for new ideas, I was about to stand up and shout here’s one. Well, obviously I didn’t but just imagine what the reaction would’ve been among the 7.500 guests.


But I do passionately believe in raising the awareness of the wellbeing benefits Arts can give to people and that there is a need to support this. That’s what Arts@Work is all about, making people feel well and happy at work and in addition bringing arts closer to adults.


Here in Finland some companies have so-called Godparents who are experienced professionals from business world supporting new businesses. You probably guess what I started to vision in my mind…



Mission to have fun!


At this point it probably is obvious that my mission failed for the time being, and I did not manage to meet Will. It ended up being a bit of a mission impossible. However, trusting my intuition, I wanted to share my thoughts as you never know where they can take you.


Having fun has been very important to me from the day I started my own company. I realized that having fun in life is so important that I reorganized my own life completely! Nowadays I really try to include happiness and fun in everything I do.


It is not always easy as sometimes life decides to serve you lemons without much lemonade making options available. Or as was in my case you get a MS diagnosis one sunny day and never know what tomorrow brings. But what I’ve learned and what I think Will was also pointing out is that life should not be too serious, it should be fun.


Therefore, I was thrilled to hear him telling us what a revelation having fun has been to him. Likewise! He also told us that you get so much more out of people and different experiences if you allow yourself to find the joy in the things you are doing. So folks, let’s start focusing on having fun!