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Artists in Organizations (AIO) welcomes you to the webinar

Chaos competences in organizations

– Preparing for the unknown | Please register by 27 August
Covid-19 changed our world dramatically. How can organizations foresee such disruptions in the future, prepare for the unknown and thrive?
The AIO network wanted to understand the new needs of organizations and therefore organized an enquiry, to interview 13 organizations in Finland and Denmark about their pains and needs in times of Covid-19.

The findings of this study helps you gain new insights about rising needs regarding management, creative competences and future thinking. The webinar also provides an excellent opportunity to exchange thoughts with other business leaders, artists and professionals from various fields.

The webinar is free, open to everyone and streamed using Zoom. It is hosted by Reidar Wasenius and Jaana Komscha-Härkönen from Breaks Finland and organised in cooperation with Artbizz (DK) and Taike – the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Warmly welcome!

Jaana Komscha-Härkönen, CEO
Breaks Finland

The Artists in Organisations (AIO) Nordic Network is a platform for artists, mediators, researchers and activists that work in the field of arts in a crossover collaboration with business and societal development. The purpose is to connect Nordic peers around the topic, learn from each other and create means for more value and better business. The network was founded in 2019 by The Arts Promotion Centre Finland together with Artbizz (Denmark) and Breaks Finland.

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