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From Finland to the World

As Breaks Finland is expanding to new countries, we are gathering feedback through a six-week pilot programme for people in the Netherlands, the UK, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. As a resident of one of those countries, YOU are warmly welcome to enjoy an empowering Break in the middle of your work day on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at 13:00 BST / 14:00 CEST.

The same, identical Break is delivered first on Tuesday and then repeated on Wednesday and Thursday. We appreciate your active participation and brief feedback every week.

As you participate in the full programme of six Breaks you will do a significant number exercises, which enhance your creativity, build your courage and strengthen your sense of community.

Courage + Creativity + Community = Empowerment

Breaks are never lectures. They activate you to do completely new things and think about things you have never thought of before. Some Breaks are very energizing and inspiring, while others are more calming and relaxing.

Our experienced coaches are Finnish artists and other creative professionals. They warmly welcome your interactions and feedback. To get your reactions and opinions is exactly why this six-week pilot programme is organised and why it is provided for free. Ordinarily, we serve fearless organisations by providing programmes like this to their employees. If you feel that your own organisation might benefit from a programme like this, please do everyone a favour and let us know.

Welcome to take a journey to discover your hidden talents!


Reidar Wasenius
Personal Brainer, CCO
Breaks Finland Ltd

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