Press release 5.8.2020

Reidar Wasenius joins Breaks Finland as CCO

Experienced business developer and communicator Reidar Wasenius (53) is the Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of Breaks Finland as of 3 August 2020. His main responsibilities include marketing communications, brand-building and business development.

Wasenius comes to Breaks Finland from Soprano Plc, where he worked as a Learning Ambassador in international education export. Before that, he was the Managing Director of the Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN). Earlier, he was responsible for the marketing of Samsung Electronics Corporation in Finland and worked with business development and international communications at Nokia Corporation. Wasenius has worked in several positions in media and in communications since 1979 and in education and training since 1984.

Breaks Finland is expanding its operations. It recently raised EUR 140 000 in seed funding from a number of Finnish private investors. This happened during the spring of 2020, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic – not despite it.

”It feels good to accept the invitation to join a hard-working team with the backing of strong investors and awesome advisors. One of many convincing facts was that the team itself practices what it teaches. The courage and creativity of its operations brings out the best in me. What more can anyone wish for at any stage in one’s career? We are dramatically changing how people in forward-thinking organizations enable their people to feel well and do well. Building a new business in this area is very hard. That is why we enjoy it.”

As the pace of change of business paralyses a frightening portion of individuals and makes organizations seem sluggish, Breaks Finland offers solutions to growing needs. Especially when employees are more isolated, successful organizations engage their people, together with their colleagues, in carefully selected activities led by creative professionals.

As people are suddenly pushed into unexpected working conditions, they need activities that help them find new perspectives and break free from old habits. As markets also change, the willingness and ability of employees to adopt new ways to think and act decide whether their organization dies, survives or thrives.

“As an Advisor, Reidar’s business development experience and extensive networks proved to be valuable to us. As a core team member, we will also greatly benefit from his impressive range of useful skills, flexibility and enthusiasm to help people feel well and do well at work. Reidar’s unique combination of creativity and sharp business realism make him a perfect match to our team as we develop our operations in a strongly growing business” CEO Jaana Komscha-Härkönen notes.

More information:

CEO Jaana Komscha-Härkönen
tel. +358 50 333 5675

Reidar Wasenius
tel. +358 400 432 100

Breaks Finland Reidar Wasenius

Breaks Finland Ltd helps client organization employees feel well and do well at work with empowering Breaks. They build their #courage, develop their #creativity and strengthen their #community together with their colleagues.

Participants are engaged in interactive exercises face to face or online. They learn to actively break unnecessary inhibitions and act in new ways outside their limited comfort zone. As participants do this independently, they become more capable of managing frequent changes in their lives. Their daily wellbeing is improved and resilience strengthened. A person is thus an increasingly valuable team member.

Breaks Finland is unique in how it has structured its business like a service platform. What makes the company different is how it systematically helps strictly goal-oriented businesses utilize techniques from creative industries.

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