Breaks Finland closes investment round accelerated by coronavirus (2.6.2020)

A number of renowned Finnish private investors are investing in a startup, which provides creative Breaks to help client organization employees feel well and do well. Participants in Breaks are empowered to do their jobs with more courage and creativity – individually and together. Demand has been increased by the pandemic.

Breaks Finland raised EUR 140 000 in seed funding from a number of private investors, including Julia Jouhki, Markus Kallio, Jesse Maula and Niko Frilander.

”I am happy to be part of a venture, which empowers individuals to feel well and do well in ways which benefit the entire organization. I like how Breaks Finland treats people holistically, rather than unnecessarily compartmentalizing different aspects of life according to an externally imposed framework” says Julia Jouhki.

The round was opened at the end of 2019 and closed in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. After initial worries, it turned out that the pandemic did not stop the round as the sales of Breaks took off. The startup swiftly started delivering Breaks digitally and was thus able to provide exactly what people in quarantine needed. Scattered and isolated employees in client companies are encouraged to interact with each other to strengthen community. At the same time, their creativity and courage to think and act in new ways are enhanced. Flexibility and the ability to remain operational are important for any organization and crucial for an organization going through major, disruptive changes.

“The business idea of the company is clear and its approach to developing people’s abilities is fresh. Their open-minded attitude and novel approach reminds me of the early days of my involvement in founding Idean. Breaks also has strong potential to reach international markets. This is evident to me as a number of people are already participating in Breaks in English every week all over the world” ponders Markus Kallio.

Breaks was founded in 2017 as the founders Jaana Komscha-Härkönen and Mikko Kierikki were discussing how artists and other professionals in the creative industries might be able to help companies renew themselves and be more successful. Komscha -Härkönen enjoys singing and Kierikki is a musician and music pedagogue. As they found more research data and scientific articles to support their vision, their plans became more specific and they established the company.

”Our rapidly changing world requires people to be creative, to have courage and it puts great strains on their sense of community. As old ways of working and traditional roles are no longer working, new ways of thinking and acting are needed. Winners learn when and how to break stale processes and make space for new thinking, innovation and empathy. They learn to be strong swimmers instead of simply floating with the stream” CEO Komscha-Härkönen notes and concludes: “We ourselves were suddenly expected to demonstrate increased courage and creativity when the pandemic struck. We had no previous experience of managing an investment round, but fortunately, we had a large network of experienced people supporting us and they will help us continue to grow in the future, as well.”

The evolution and growth of Breaks Finland is being supported by its new owners and an Advisory Board of experienced business people, whose collective know-how will ensure effective development of the service portfolio, marketing and sales.

More information:

CEO Jaana Komscha-Härkönen
tel. +358 50 333 5675

Breaks Finland Ltd helps client organization employees feel well and do their work more fearlessly and creatively – both individually and collectively. Participants engage either face to face or online in Breaks, which provide creative exercises to activate them. They learn to actively break their inhibitions and to think and act in new ways outside their comfort zone. As participants do this increasingly independently, they become more capable of managing frequent changes in their lives. Their daily wellbeing is improved and resilience strengthened. Each such person is thus also an increasingly valuable resource for their employer – both as an individual and as a team member. Breaks Finland is unique in how it has structured its business like a service platform. It injects unconventional methods of creative industries into strictly goal-oriented business operations.

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