In each Break, a creative professional coach helps you write, draw, talk, sing or express yourself in new ways. Feel free to chose your own level of #courage & #creativity! The most fearless participants open their microphones and cameras.

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60 individuals in the Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Norway and Sweden get to participate for free in weekly Breaks in English from 4 May to 10 June 2021.

Breaks are empowering

Breaks are a new way to empower individuals and entire organisations. Breaks help you develop your creativity, build your courage and strengthen your sense of community.

Breaks enhance innovation

Participants do and think things they have never done before. Thus, they learn to see themselves and the world around them in new light. They begin to notice new opportunities and their innovativeness is enhanced.

Breaks strengthen resilience

People who constantly include new activities and thinking in their daily lives are much better equipped to handle changes than those stuck in their ways. Mental flexibility and a willingness to change form the basis of strengthened resilience.

Every Break is refreshing. You get the greatest benefits by enjoying them regularly – in a programme designed specifically for your organisation.

Breaks can be enjoyed online or, when possible, at a venue selected by you.

Breaks are typicallly 20, 30 or 60 minute long once or twice a week.
What suits you best?

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During every 20, 30 or 60 minute Break, an actor, musician, artist or other creative professional coach gives you something completely new to do and think about.

Breaks are empowering people in a growing number of organisations

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Break or ten, as well!

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We also employ a growing number of artists and
other creative professional coaches.

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