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Breaks Finland Ltd helps client organization employees feel well and do well at work with empowering Breaks. They build their #courage, develop their #creativity and strengthen their #community together with their colleagues.

Participants are engaged in interactive exercises face to face or online. They learn to actively break unnecessary inhibitions and act in new ways outside their limited comfort zone. As participants do this independently, they become more capable of managing frequent changes in their lives.

Their daily wellbeing is improved and resilience strengthened. A person is thus an increasingly valuable team member.

Breaks Finland is unique in how it has structured its business like a service platform. What makes the company different is how it systematically helps strictly goal-oriented businesses utilize techniques from creative industries.



The Benefits of Breaks

From our organization to yours – with love

Each Break is a magical thread carefully crafted by our creative professionals. We weave a hand-picked selection of the finest threads into beautiful programs and tailor them to suit the needs of your organization. A program is a few weeks or several months long. The more time you are willing to invest in yourself, the greater the changes and benefits, of course. We bring our inspiring and activating Breaks to your people at their workplace – either face to face in person or online.

We do not sell lectures or deliver speakers. Your people will not simply listen, but DO! Instead of admiring courageous, creative professionals, you and your colleagues will amaze each other. That how you get more #courage, #creativity and #community.

Our unique programs empower participants and enable many changes:

Silence >> Expression >> Communication
Passivity >> Activity >> Interactivity
Rigidity >> Flexibility >> Creativity
Isolation >> Community
Fear >> Courage

Participants learn to become increasingly flexible and make changes happen. Small adjustments accumulate over time throughout the organization. It becomes more resilient, innovative and productive.

Employees all over the world are empowered to be authentically themselves. They become increasingly capable to keep moving forward and performing well in a changing and unpredictable world.


We give people the opportunity to re-connect with themselves and with others, bringing back together those very things lost in today’s busy world. Our programs help individuals and organisations to bring diversity into their thought and decision making processes, thus enabling them to thrive and prosper.

Breaks is represented at the board of Agents and Managers in Creative Industries (AGMA) and steering group of Creative Finland.

Breaking News

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Juristiopiskelijat parantavat tulevaisuudennäkymiään voimaannuttavilla Breikeillä

Chaos competences in organizations, 28 August

PRESS RELEASE 5 August 2020
Reidar Wasenius joins Breaks Finland as CCO

TIEDOTE 5.8.2020
Reidar Wasenius on Breaks Finlandin uusi CCO

TIEDOTE 2.6.2020
Breaks Finland closes investment round accelerated by coronavirus

Our Creative Professionals

Our creative professionals make the magic happen together with you. They are singers, actors, choreographers, writers, musicians, painters, brain stretchers and scientists. Each one of them has a big heart and a great sense of humor. Throughout a program, they bring out completely new sides in you and your colleagues. You will see yourself and each other in new light. We guarantee: you will not be bored.





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